In droves, the ‘Cattle’ scroll down! || Ahmed Yasin

In droves, the ‘Cattle’ scroll down! || Ahmed Yasin

As soon as the sun of 3rd millennium had risen dramatically in the West (!), creativity nearly met an end. The era of technology made such an advancement that the Cattle started scrolling down many apps on rectangle screens which led them to a chronic mania caused by the addiction of numerous social media and apps, that in the field of art, literature, and music both the individuality and creativity have savagely died under the stampede. A common practice of being celebrity; following trends with or without reasoning; hollow-tawdry mimicry to grab the craze, and trumpeting the meaningless false glory, has gone as viral as plague among all, which perspicuously portrays the paucity of imagination, knowledge, intellects, integrity, and elegance within the Cattle of the 21st century, including countless from the 20th century as well.

Throwing dust in our eyes, ‘A murder of crows’ has been and is still being displayed ad nauseam in the arena of arts (art, music, and literature) these days. In the name of fusion and abstraction most of the Cattle are selling neither arts nor passions, rather some empty howls with ludicrous, insignificant, lazy ideas. Every individual is competing — to become a cheap star — to increase popularity and bloody business which leads them to jump off of the cliff of a very humanity and it’s the new de rigueur. They are so captive in this monotony that they fail to distinguish it from diversity, arts, and life. Yes, everything is an art (?), but not every art is a chef-d’oeuvre indeed, thus not everyone is a true artist. To create a masterpiece, it requires time, in-depth artistry, hard work, and devotion. “Art, freedom and creativity will change society faster than politics,” said Victor Pinchuk — an educated Dives. “How!” Have they not already paralyzed their brains and enclosed creative minds by bright rectangle screens? Narcissistic, self-obsessed, selfish Cattle do not even possess any great savoir-faire, sophistication, and ethical practice.

Musicology evinces total twelve notes with variety of pitches, that have been being composed by three primary types of musical instruments (string, wind, and percussion) as well as by many maestri over the centuries, yet the Cattle have no ardour to perceive the game of Permutations and Combinations in music — using skills, techniques, tastes, contrasts, with creativity into it — to create any magnum opus nowadays as their dreamy eyes (looking into the mirrors) sparkle the blaze of nescient and ingenuity.

Sax-spirit like Coleman Hawkins, Lester Young, Dexter Gordon, Stan Getz, and Claudia Pecorino are no longer alluring on the playlists. Who plays sax these days though! Fabled pianists as Frédéric Chopin, Myra Hess, Claudio Arrau, and Daniel Barenboim are history now. Who do enjoy to get wet underneath the jazz skies of Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington, Charlie Parker, Charles Mingus, Art Tatum, and so on? Maestro Ravi Sankar for his sitar, Uppalapu Shrinivas for Indian classical music & jazz, Sundaram Balachander for veena, and Zakir Hussain for his tabla still water the garden of melody whilst their brilliances do not spellbind the Cattle, viz., such notable wunderkinds are complete strangers to them. Needless to say, the Cattle will not be able to imbibe the euphony of khayal, thumri, or raga. Voices of Feroza Begum, Nina Burmi, Dr. Prabha Atre, Leonard Cohen, Frank Sinatra, et al. are too rare to find in this rowdy millennia.

“And Literature (Requiescat in pace)?”
“Isn’t a mighty pen cheaper than a smart-screen here and now! (?)”

The remnant of inventiveness within you is still hitting its head against the rock. If you do not hear the sound of it, then what is your raison d’etre as an individual? Rumi says, “Your heart is the size of an ocean, go find yourself in its hidden depths.” It goes without saying that the world is not in a good shape now. And we do not hold the right to throw the next generation in hollow! Do we?

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